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Blendtec Blender Review – Guide to the Best Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec Blender Review

Since people are living healthier lifestyles, new technologies in appliances are being created. They lead to the discovery of new food combinations that promote good health and eating habits. Blendtec is a brand of blenders designed to grind your favorite fruits and vegetables into tasty beverages. Blendtec blenders help you get the most out your foods by releasing essential nutrients that otherwise you may not receive by just eating a piece of fruit. The 1560 watts of power behind a Blendtec blender is what helps to blend the smoothest mixtures possible.

According to Blendtec blender reviews, there are several blender models that offer basic, deluxe  and connoisseur designs. You can choose the design that fits the weight of the foods you are planning to blend. Foods that have lots of fiber or grains such as, strawberries or celery, require the connoisseur model that can be built-in or placed on a counter for effective use. A convenient two-quart jar allows for multiple portions of your preferred drink or beverage.

The Blendtec home blender and Blendtec commercial blender were designed especially for those who enjoy drinking several beverage varieties. The blades of these blenders were made extra sharp, giving them the ability to chop ice cubes as well as other frozen items. The fantastic Blendtec 1560 watt Total Blender model is made with commercial quality and is equipped with speed cycles that will speed up or slow down automatically. This feature helps to create the creamiest blends and are used worldwide in coffee shops, restaurants, gyms and juice bars.

Deluxe units like the legendary Blendtec HP3A blender , have the capacity to mix up a batch of ice cream or even bread dough with the touch of a button. One Blendtec blender review describes this appliance as the “smartest blender around.” The hefty amount of horsepower from its power drive system really packs a punch for blending the most difficult ingredients. The microprocessor eliminates the need to shove ingredients into the blade for effective blending. It changes the blade speed and has an automatic shut-off feature that allows you more freedom to do other kitchen tasks. The bases of these blenders can be found in the basic colors of black, white or red, with easy-to-grip jars that show the measurement amounts on the outside. You will appreciate the vented jar lids that are sealed to prevent spillage.

The Blendtec EZ blender is also a commercial grade blender that has 30 pre-programmed blending cycles, with overload protection. If your blending needs are high at home, this would be the best Blendtec blender for you. It carries 2 blending jars and it can easily blend hard to blend foods in a matter seconds. Along with these deluxe features, it is also important to know that many of the components of this blender are plastic. Therefore, overheating can cause problems with ingredients that are difficult to grind.

Clean up is easy with this Blendtec brand, as they are self-cleaning and dishwasher safe. When you add 2 cups of water with a drop of dish-washing liquid, holding the pulse for about 5 seconds will safely clean these blenders. It has been used every day in some of the best coffee houses, smoothie shops, and restaurants, backed with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty. This Blendtec appliance is very lightweight, as it weighs only 6.8 pounds and stores easily with 15.5 inches in height.

In general, Blendtec produces excellent premium quality blenders that can blend just about anything you throw at it. Highly recommended.