Waring Blender Reviews – Guide to the Best Waring Blenders

In 1937, Fred Waring introduced the Waring Miracle Mixer at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, launching the Waring brand and starting a longstanding tradition of quality kitchen equipment for home and commercial use. Waring blenders are still a popular brand for home use today, and the Waring commercial line of blenders are widely used in the foodservice industry.

The Waring Pro Blender series is the most popular product lineup at Waring today. With eight countertop models available in multiple colors, there are options to suit most blending applications, including bar blenders, food and beverage blenders and specialty blenders. The countertop models are all equipped with self-cleaning blades that do not have to be removed for washing.

  • Bar Blenders – Waring Professional Bar blenders are available in a range of colors including green, white, red, black and black with stainless. These blenders quickly and efficiently chop ice and blend liquids, making them ideal for not only mixed drinks but smoothies and milkshakes as well.
  • Food and Beverage Blenders – Waring Food and Beverage blenders have a large capacity and are suitable for chopping coarse foods and pureeing for soups and smoothies. These blenders are available in metallic finishes such as stainless steel and copper, as well as colored finishes: red, green, white and black.
  • Immersion Blenders – The Waring Immersion blender series is touted as being the choice of professional chefs. These blenders feature variable speeds and a choice of sizes from 12-21” in the Heavy Duty models. The Waring Pro WSB60 Professional Immersion Blender is excellent and worth considering.
  • Specialty Blenders – Waring Specialty blenders offer models that power off a 12-volt cigarette lighter for mobile use such as tailgating parties or camping. Another specialty model is the MegaMix model, with a 1-horsepower commercial rated motor and large 48-ounce container.
  • Commercial Blenders – Waring Commercial blenders are available in a wide variety of styles, uses, and sizes. With more than 50 models to choose from, users in the food service industry can find a model for their particular needs. Sizes range from 32-ounce all the way up to one-gallon capacities, with BPA-free carafes. Some models are programmable and some have electronic keypads. For places where noise is an issue, there are blender models with sound enclosures to help muffle the noise.

Warranty and General Customer Reviews

Waring Professional blenders carry a one-year limited appliance warranty and a five-year limited motor warranty. The Waring website offers product registration capabilities and a customer service section to search for service centers by zip code.

A glance at Waring blender reviews shows high customer satisfaction with positive reviews focusing on quality, longevity, solid construction, appealing design, and effectiveness. It is uncommon to see a Waring blender review that says the blenders do not do what they are designed for.

Overall, Waring brand blenders are high quality, well-made blenders suited for heavy home and commercial use. Solid construction, attractive retro looks and a variety of colors make the Waring PBB201 Professional Bar blender appealing to many home users, while the sheer variety of styles and sizes in the commercial blenders offers something to suit most food service businesses.