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Unique Considerations When Buying a Blender Mixer

When it comes to shopping for a blender mixer, most people think they know what they want. They want a powerful device that stores such and such a volume, and that looks a certain way to tie in with their kitchen decor.

However, theres much more to selecting a blender mixer than first meets the eye. First off, you need to examine what you will be using the device for. For example, a lot of people like to enjoy ice smoothies.

Unfortunately, not all blender mixers are adequate at chopping ice. Some manage to get it down to a fine bead, as most people like, while others are largely incapable of even blending the ice down to a reasonable size.

If you know for a fact that you will be blending large amounts of ice, you want to get a blender that has a proven track record of performing that task effectively.

The only way you will know for sure is from professional reviews that you can find on-line as well from consumers who have purchased the particular product.

Another thing that doesn’t come to mind immediately when looking for a blender mixer is what amount of noise it makes. If you like some people will likely enjoy fruit smoothies, or protein smoothies in the morning, noise is going to be a big factor in your selection.

You obviously don’t want to be waking up the neighbors in the morning to the hum of the blender, or your kids who are sleeping upstairs. Now, most blenders are not assigned a decibel (or noise) rating, so again you’ll have to rely on the ratings other users have given.

Blender shoppers also seem to be divided on what sort of material that picture should be may have. Some prefer glass, which has its own advantages including easy cleanup and preservation of its neat appearance. On the other hand, you have polycarbonate, which is extremely durable yet it can scratch causing its appearance to diminish.

Again, the ultimate decision will depend on your particular circumstances. If you know your kids are going to be making extensive use of the blender, you might be better off choosing the polycarbonate pitcher. If they do manage to drop it, the polycarbonate wont break like the glass with.

Finally, an often overlooked aspect is cleanup. This is one of the more dreaded things to consider after cooking a meal or making a delicious smoothie.

Cleaning up a blender is generally straightforward, you have to clean the pitcher of any residue that remains from preparing the specific food or drink, and have to clean the blades as well.

Where you’ll most likely run into a problem is with the blades. Some blenders have blades that are fixed into the pitcher assembly. This can make cleaning a real pain, as you’ll have to nudge your fingers under these blades to remove as much food as you can.

What can make this process easier is first filling to pitcher with warm water that will hopefully help dislodge the particles. If you don’t prefer this sort of complicated cleanup procedure, you might be better off buying a blender mixer that has detachable Blades.

This way you can detach the blades from the pitcher the blender mixer allowing for quick and thorough cleanup. The pricing points between these two products will obviously differ, but the convenience factor is huge.