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Blendtec Wildside Blender Review

Blendtec WildSide HP3A Blender Review

For consumers who are looking for one of the most powerful blenders on the market I highly recommend the HP3A Blendtec 3 HP Food Fruit Blender Blend-tec. I absolutely love this blender and am so glad I purchased it. I am a mother with young kids, so I often have a hard time getting my little ones to eat all of their vegetables, although fruits are a bit easier. However, with the HP3A blender, I can easily make smoothies with a ton of vegetables inside that my kids love. I have even added spinach to their smoothies and my kids not only drank them but also asked for more!

One of the best things about this blender is that it is made to order. Many people find that to be inconvenient because they have to wait a bit longer to receive the blender, but with how well it works, I definitely think it is worth the wait.


  • Square Pitcher – One thing that is different with this blender is the square pitcher, most blenders have some type of round pitcher. I love the square design; it doesn’t affect the blending ability at all and makes it a lot easier to pour. Pouring out of a round pitcher, even with a spout is often messy because the liquid goes everywhere. The square pitcher never has that problem.
  • 3 HP Motor – The biggest difference between the Blendtec blenders and the Vitamix ones is how much horsepower the motors have. Both are very powerful blenders, but the Blendtec is a bit more powerful because it offers a 3 HP motor rather than a 2+. Having the stronger motor, I am able to crush ice down to snow cone material in about a minute. In addition, even with the more powerful motor, the Blendtec isn’t that loud.
  • Easy to clean – No matter if I am simply running some hot soapy water through the blender on the low setting or taking the blender apart to clean it is really simple. I usually take the blender apart once a week to thoroughly clean all of the parts, but in between uses, I simply throw some hot water and a drop or two of soap into the blender and turn it on. Once it is done swishing around, I simply dump out the soapy water and rinse it out and I am ready to go.
  • Preprogrammed cycles – Many blenders now come with preprogrammed cycles, but the problem is they only come with a few choices. The Blendtec HP3A comes with 25 preprogrammed cycles, but even better than that is the 4 changeable pre-set buttons.



  • Lid – The only issue I have with this blender is the lid that currently comes with it. The problem I have is the holes inside the lid often allow food to leak through the lid creating a mess. If I don’t fill up the blender, this isn’t as big of a problem, but instead, I purchased a new jar. Blendtec sells a different jar with the machine that comes with a much better lid.

The Blendtec HP3A comes with a 1500-watt commercial quality motor that offers up to 3 HP. One of the best things about this powerful motor is that it allows me to get all of the vitamins and nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables that I am using because it micronizes the seeds, skins, and even the stems so nothing goes to waste and no chunks are left. The blender even comes with a lifetime warranty on the blade and coupling.