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Blender Buyer's Guide

How to Choose the Best Blender for You – A Buyer’s Guide

Blender Buyer’s Guide

A blender is a kitchen appliance that aids in mixing up a variety of ingredients. This Blender Buyer’s Guide will give you the details on what to look for in a blender.  Blenders can be used to make shakes, smoothies, fruit flavored iced tea, soups, dressings, sauces and many more recipes. There are also exceptional blenders available which can double as other kitchen appliances, saving you precious kitchen space. For example, some blenders also shave ice, which allows users to make snow cones. Other blenders, such as the Vitamix, act as a juicer and a food processor.

When it comes to blenders there are two main types of blenders that you can buy, countertop and handheld. The countertop blenders include ones that can crush ice or even puree soup. These blenders usually sit on the countertop under the kitchen cupboards because of how big they are. Continue reading